On July 24th 2018, representatives of Viglacera Corporation - Vietnam and Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) - Cuba, held the official founding of ViMariel S.A., a subsidiary of Viglacera in Cuba. ViMariel S.A. became the first 100% foreign invested infrastructure company in Cuba.

The establishment of ViMariel S.A. is based on the decision 340 dated Feb 28th 2018 by the Cuban Government to allow the establishment of ViMariel S.A. company and to give this enterprise the right to use 256 hectares land in zone A of Mariel Special Zone. ViMariel S.A. will build an industrial park with full infrastructure for road, telecommunication, electricity and water for industrial facilities. ViMariel SA has the right to exploit this industrial zone for 50 years, which is expected to attract high-tech, construction materials enterprises, electronic industry and other industries that serve the Cuban economy and Central American regions.


- ViMariel Industrial Park located in sector A10 in ZED Mariel
- Area: 256 ha
- Time: Expected to start groundbreaking in 2019



Located in sector A10 in ZED Mariel

- to La Habana: 45 km
- to Baracoa airport: 25 km
- to San Antonio airport: 25 km
- to Jose Marti Int airport: 42 km
- to Mariel Containers Terminal: 5 km
- to Pan-American highway: 3.5 km
- to Habana - Pinar del Rio highway (Este – Oeste): 10 km


Power supply
- Power is supplied from the national grid through 110/22KV transformer station with capacity of 25 MVA and 16 MVA
- Supply enough electricity according to the demand of enterprises when demand increases.

Water supply
- The water station with a capacity of 6,500 m3/day is located inside the Industrial park.
- Supply enough water to meet the needs of enterprises when the demand increases

Wastewater treatment and solid system
- Rain water drainage system and sewage system were built separately.
- The wastewater treatment station operates at a capacity of 4,800 m3/day
- Solid waste from factories shall be classified, collected and transferred to the central waste disposal site for processing.
- The capacity of the wastewater treatment system will be upgraded as the demand of the enterprise increases.

Telecommunication system
- Telecommunication system reach the international standard


- Convenient location, near the Havana capital and residential area. Located in the Caribbean Sea, the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, between North, Central and South America, spread over 1,600 islands, it is convenient to be the production and trade center for all region.
- Located in the Mariel Special Development Zone should be entitled to preferential investment policies of the zone.
- Adequate and synchronous technical, service and social infrastructure.
- Near the Mariel Containers Terminal that reduce the cost of shipping cargo to the port.
- Simple investment procedures through the one-stop service system.


Investment Incentive in ViMariel