• Cuba is the largest country in the Antilles and has the largest domestic market of the Caribbean Islands.
• The markets are in the process of opening and integration to the world, especially the tourism and services markets are growing fast.
• Human resources are on the rise with highly trained and skilled workforce.
• The abundant scientific and technological potential is a result of the government 's investment process for over 50 years in the field of education and scientific research. (over 20 universities and dozens of research centers and academies of international prestige).
• Transportation, communications and industrial infrastructure spread across the country.
• The government currently focused on large investment to Mariel port and container terminal.
• The Cuban government has invested an average of 300 million USD per year in the development of high standard infrastructure which are already available for investors.
• In 2015, the total foreign investment in Cuba is 326 projects with a investment of over $ 8 billion, includes 20 projects in ZEDMariel.