CUBA – Located in the center of central America

CUBA WITH FIGURES (Source: WorldBank Data in 2015)

Area: 110,860 km²
Geography: Cuba is the largest of the Antillean islands, located at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico, in the western part of Caribbean Sea. Because of its strategic geographic position it has been defined as the Key to the Gulf. Its long coast line occupies 5476 kilometers with many bays, coves and beaches. Twenty five percent of the Cuban territory is occupied by mountains. The Cuban climate is a tropical one with oceanic influences.
Population: 11,239,004 people
Population in working age: 4,979,500 people
GDP: $ 82.4 Billion
GDP/person: $ 6,920
Importing value: $ 11.7 Billion
Exporting value: 3.6 Billion